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Is your business missing out on opportunities due to legacy applications and outdated systems? Are you struggling to kickstart your digital journey despite a firm resolve to do so? Businesses in every industry can face IT obsolescence due to a large backlog of legacy systems.

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The most pressing challenges:

Many organizations today face issues deploying modern IT systems, including:

  • Prohibitive cost of modernizing large monolithic legacy applications 
  • Slow time to market for digital initiatives due to complex back-end integration efforts
  • Low developer productivity using traditional re-engineering approaches 
  • Vendor lock-in for MBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service) solutions

Product Engineering

Today’s uncertain business environment demands fast time to market, continuous evolution, and an enhanced digital experience for the customer. Agile software development has leveled the playing field and superior customer experience is the new source of competitive advantage.

If your application development cannot support these business imperatives, your business is at risk.

What are business owners struggling with?

  • Competition from digital startups or non-traditional players
  • Slow rollout for new products, services and features
  • Lack of Agile and digital technology skills in the workforce

Ignoring these challenges can cost enterprises dearly, and create a “digital disconnect” between a business and its customers

Continuous Testing

Applications are being developed at unprecedented speeds thanks to Agile development, DevOps, continuous delivery and lean software development methodologies. However, traditional testing is often unable to keep pace with the development cycle times, leading to delayed rollouts or inadequate application risk assessments.

As a result, organizations may lose out on opportunities or face revenue loss due to bugs in their software applications. Continuous testing helps mitigate these risks, ensuring higher quality and faster time to market for software applications.

The most pressing challenges:

The absence of a continuous testing approach and methodology can create a number of challenges for today’s businesses, such as:

  • Constraints on business agility, which can affect digital initiatives
  • Slow speed to market and high cost of Waterfall-based testing
  • Testing practices that are incompatible with Agile development
  • Inability to meet quality standards in rapid sprints

Talent Acquisition

Short staffed on a project? Let us help you find qualified developers to take on your next project. We can help staff developers nationally.

Cloud Migration & Modernization

Thinking about making your application modern, faster, secure, reliable or global? With the cloud your application scale to all 7 continents which increases reliability and availability. We have extensive knowledge of legacy migrations on an enterprise level.

Custom Software Development

Maintenance, metrics, big query, design and implementation let us help maintain and optimize your existing application. We are trained in most new tech stacks including react, cloud technologies, amazon web services, google cloud platform, kubernetes, jenkins, docker and so much more.

Andreas Casey Client

“Jason was very skilled and a strong professional. We had a complex project with a lot of moving parts–migrating a Wall Street hedge fund’s AI-based research platform from AWS to GCP. Across the diverse set of technical skills needed to get the job done, Jason came in as a GCP architecture SME. He communicated what he was strong on and equally important, the things that were stretches.”

Andreas C.

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